Hi, my name is Alin and I am part of the ALTEN team in Sibiu, an office that started its activity in September 2016 and is currently made up of 7 people. Our activity consists in the design and implementation of technical solutions in two projects: for a large manufacturer of premium tractors and a supplier in the automotive industry. The departments in which we operate are: engine, motor-cabin booths, gearboxes, measuring and control devices. In the engine department we work on engine-interlocked assemblies, including: air intake, exhaust and gas treatment, engine cooling system, fuel system. In the cabin-bonnet department, we design the cabin and hood components: sheet metal parts (bent, drawn), pipes, plastic parts, but also barrels and laser cutting devices. In the gearbox department we make 3D modifications and execution drawings for various components: castings, gears, shafts, etc.
Alin ALTEN Romania

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