My name is Andreea and I have been working for ALTEN Romania since 2012. I joined the company to work on a project for a client in the banking sector, as part of the IT department, where I was implementing the functionality of a project management tool.
At ALTEN I have the opportunity to work on varied projects, my experience so far involving projects in banking, insurance and automotive. The role I have had in each project has contributed to my multilateral professional development: from business analysis activities, to HTML document editing, gearbox planning engineer, and finally, the position I have now, IT Project Manager.
I’m currently working on a project which involves tracking projects from a planning point of view and also, up to a certain point, resource management, the most important part being that of allocating resources on different projects according to prioritization rules.
The variety of projects and the multinational working environment are two of the aspects I have been looking for in my professional experience so far and also the main reasons why I joined and still am part of the ALTEN Romania team.
Andreea ALTEN Romania

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