Hello, I am Florin, ALTEN Senior Developer since June 2016. In building my professional career, I have always oscillated between telecoms and automotive. After working in telecom, I came to ALTEN Timisoara as part of a project for a big customer in the automotive industry, in the Interior Body and Security Department, where I work mainly in the product area - connectivity and security elements. More specificaly, I am Local Contact in the Software Platform team, also working on integration and development, and as I am told to be "the black man", being the person who brings the Electronic Control Unit to life. I work as the interface between SW Platform developers and application colleagues, controlling the integration of each bit in the software delivery. I also take care of putting the ECU into operation, analyzing and solving the errors that occurred in this process and SW deliveries to the client. And most recently, I was a speaker at one of the ALTENWorks workshops in Timisoara , where we debated with our colleagues from ALTEN on the eternal question: Fuel vs Electric
Florin ALTEN Romania

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