My name is Razvan and I work in ALTEN Romania since 2007, now being the Technical Director of the company. I am still here, after 11 years, because I’ve always liked the management style of the company and it was always a fair balance between the spirit of a small organization, a corporation and a family. In addition, seeing how you grow and evolve with the company you are part of is something you only experience if you have the patience to stay there for many years.  
I see myself as a lucky person, but I wouldn’t know to tell you why. Somehow, in the end, things happen in the way I want, with or without my efforts.  
My advice for the new generations is to keep studying and to think before they talk. Also, if I were to give me an advice 10 years ago, I think it’s not necessarily an advice, but rather a beating on the shoulder and an assurance that I'm on the right track. I did not take a step left or right without analyzing each move very well before. As a result, right now I am where I should be.

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BUCURESTI - OREGON Park, Sos Pipera, nr 46D-46E-48, Cladirea B, etaj 5, sector 2, 020309
Tel: +40 (0)21 409 58 00  
Fax:+40 (0)21 233 19 11

TIMISOARA – Strada Coriolan Brediceanu nr. 10/E, cladirea 3 E, Mezanin, Birou E.M.2 , Timisoara, Timis,  cod postal 300011

SIBIU – Constantin Noica Street, no. 54, 2nd Floor
Phone: +40 (0)369 435 671

IASI - ALTEN Delivery Center Iasi 54 Rue Mitropolit Varlaam NBC, 8th floor Romania
Tel. : +40 (0) 372 40 14 67 recrutare.iasi@alten.com

PITESTI - Banu Maracine Street, no 1, Pitesti, Arges County, postal code 110194
Phone: +40 (0) 248 223 182

CRAIOVA - Ion Maiorescu Street no. 4, PROIECT CRAIOVA Building, B Building, 6th Floor, Craiova, Dolj County, postal code 200760
Phone: +40 (0)251 417 741

CLUJ-NAPOCA – Cotita Street no. 9, Co-working Silicon Forest, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj County, postal code 400104

CUI 7012150