Through its team of engineers-consultants, ALTEN Romania helps its partners in the automotive and aeronautic sectors to respond, successfully, to the performance, safety and productivity challenges they face, to observe the applicable regulations and the quality standards in place and to adapt to the needs of the international market.
We are constantly adapting, in order to help our partners in the automotive industry, to successfully manage the performance, safety and productivity challenges they face, to observe the applicable regulations and the quality standards in place, to adapt to the needs of the international market and to develop communication and control systems.
ALTEN is involved in development projects with its partners in the following activity domains:
  • Mechanical engineering: design, computation instruments and methods.
  • Electronics and Electrical Engineering : component design and development, integration, validation and sustainability insurance.
  • Embedded software: architecture, development, testing, integration, maintenance and sustainability insurance.
  • Vehicle engineers: design and development of major components, functional design, project management, suppliers’ management, diagnosis and sustainability insurance.
  • Process and product quality insurance: supplier-client management, process and product quality.
  • Logistics: supply chain.
Holder of an ISO 14001 Certificate, and a level 3 CMMI – SVC assessment of its project methodology maturity, ALTEN also has multiple operational advantages in the aeronautical field:
  • An enhanced capacity to mobilise resources and get involved in projects using standardised processes and instruments.
  • Recognised expertise in specialised fields such as weight management, weak manufacturing and satellite integration management.
  • Cross – functional support for decision-making factors, both in developing and designing complex systems and in inter-department business positions (quality – related, PMO, PLM, etc.)
  • The capacity to get involved in trans-national projects (Europe and India).


  • Embedded Systems (Powertrain, Chassis & Int. Electronics): System Design and Integration, Simulation, Verification, Validation;
  • Design, Analysis & Drawings: Mechanical Design – 3D & 2D CAD, Stress Analysis, Fatigue, Linear & non Linear Analysis, Digital Mock-up, FMEA;
  • Functions Support: Project and Quality Management, Expertise, Consulting and Training, Technical Documentation;
  • Tests & Validation: HIL Benches Turn Key, Test and validation;
  • IT / IS: IT-Services.


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