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ALTEN Romania has inaugurated the ALTENgines Motors Excellence Center, an ALTEN Romania own project aimed at students and juniors interested in developing their technical competencies in an environment that encourages engineering culture. ALTEN’s expertise in engineering by supporting our automotive partners to achieve performance is the main drive for the design and launch of ALTEngines.
Within ALTEngines, students can access internships, take part in Open Door Sessions, receive guidance and the necessary technology and expertise to obtain a bachelor's degree in subjects that are agreed with the faculty leadership. Juniors and those at the beginning of the career will be supported in acquiring new knowledge and skills through technical courses, with the diversity of projects being a developmental parameter encouraged in ALTEN Romania. The Center of Excellence aims to prepare those at the beginning of the career with all the necessary tools to advance in career and become engineering experts.

The first actions in this project were two presentation and counseling meetings with the 4th year students from ISPA and Road Vehicles from the Faculty of Transport at the Polytechnic of Bucharest.

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Teodor Dincuta Project Manager
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