Consulting FAQ

1. Working as a consultant

What is a consultant?

A consultant is a professional who develops technical projects in a particular industry or specialized field. The consultant is an expert in the specific industry, has a wide knowledge on the matter, but also problem solving abilities. At ALTEN Romania, we always look to work with the best consultants, to enable them to grow professionally and provide top solutions for different projects.

What do consultants really do?

Consultants develop technical projects which are under their expertise. Consultants can work as independent contractors or can be employed by a consulting firm.  As independent contractors, consultants search on their own for projects and clients to collaborate with. As an employed consultant, the consulting firm takes care of finding the most suitable projects for consultants to work on. At ALTEN Romania, the Business Managers responsible for your career are always working with clients to find interesting projects to be developed.

Do I need experience to work as a consultant?

Consultants are experts in their specialized field and are, usually, Senior-Level Professionals. The level of experience required from consultants depends on the project requirements. At ALTEN Romania, we mostly work with middle to specialist professionals, but juniors are also welcome for IT and Engineering projects - Java, Testing, .Net or Automotive. 

Do consultants have flexible work schedules?

A flexible work schedule is not a characteristic of a consultant’s agenda. Consultants are integrated in the clients’ working structures and environment, which includes work-schedule.  When it comes to holidays and employee benefits, ALTEN Romania’s consultants enjoy the benefits stipulated in the employment contract.

What are the most important skills a consultant needs to have?

First of all, consultants must be experts in their knowledge area and have the technical skills required for the project. Other two very important skills which are essential for consultants are client and solution orientation. ALTEN Romania’s consultants must be very good at understanding clients’ needs and provide solutions for a wide array of situations.


2.Project development


As a consultant, will I be working on projects concerning the same industry?

As an ALTEN Romania consultant, you are able to choose the industry you want to work for, as long as you meet the technical qualifications to develop the project. Clients often choose to work with consultants who have been constant in working for a certain industry, but, nevertheless, working in more industries is a validation of a consultant’s diverse expertise and flexibility.

Can I choose the project I will work on?

It is possible for consultants to choose the projects they want to work on, under certain conditions. At ALTEN Romania, consultants can choose from the available projects. They have to successfully address the technical requirements of the project and receive a positive feedback following the meeting with the client.

Does a consultant work alone or in teams?

Whether a consultant will work alone of in a team depends on the project’s requirements. ALTEN Romania’s consultants are fully integrated in the client’s teams and working structures.  


Will I get to work with the other consultants in the company?

The majority of ALTEN Romania’s consultants are working together in the already established teams. With each new client, a project usually starts with one consultant working on its development. As the project advances, more consultants are joining, depending on the project’s requirements.


How long does a project usually last?

Closely dependent on its requirements and development, a project usually lasts from one month to 4 years.  Some of ALTEN Romania’s consultants have developed 10 to 15 different projects in 8 years, since first joining the team. Other consultants are still working on the same project for almost 4 years.  At ALTEN Romania, as soon as the project you are working on approaches the final stage, other projects will be available for you. We will work together to find the most suitable projects, by matching your skills and technical qualifications to the project’s requirements.

What happens when the project I am working on ends?

At ALTEN Romania, we make sure that as soon as the project you are working on approaches the final stage, other projects will be available for you. The Business Manager responsible for your career will find the most suitable project for you and prepare the technical meeting with the client.


3.Career in consulting

Working as a consultant, who will be in charge of my career?

At ALTEN Romania, a Business Manager is responsible for your professional development. From the client’s technical side, you will closely collaborate with a Project Manager or Team Leader who will be responsible for the development of that specific project.

What are the benefits of working as a consultant?

ALTEN Romania’s consultants are able to work in different industries, with diverse technologies, based on their professional objectives. A Business Manager, responsible for your career, will guide you through the process. Our consultants experience with different business environments and organizational cultures. The changing work environment contributes to their development as flexible and complex professionals. Being part of the ALTEN Group, consultants are also exposed to an international working environment, which can include trainings or even transfer to an ALTEN team abroad.

4. ALTEN Romania – An international career


Is travelling part of my job as a consultant?

Travelling is often part of the job, when you are working as a consultant. You could travel to meet with clients, better understand project requirements, get to know and work directly with teams abroad or take part in trainings and seminars. Business travels could last from a few days to a few months. Recently, ALTEN Romania’s consultants have traveled to France, The Netherlands, Belgium and Poland.

ALTEN consultant – An international career?

ALTEN Romania is part of the ALTEN Group, founded in 1988, in France, by three engineering graduates. Today ALTEN has 16.200 consultants in 20 countries from all around the world. A career at ALTEN often involves traveling abroad for meetings with clients or trainings and seminars. Over the past few years, 80 consultants have transferred to ALTEN France, Canada or The United Kingdom.

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