Our recruitment process

Our recruitment process


We’re glad that you’re interested in our recruitment process and we hope the information below will help you to better understand how we work and why we are unique in the market.

We’re trying to be as open and transparent as possible, and this includes our recruitment process, as well. Even if the stages of the hiring process are pretty classic, there are some unique aspects that you’ll find only at ALTEN Romania.

We know technical employees understand each other better, and that’s why, after a prior screening made by our Recruitment Team, at the interview you will speak directly to one of our Business Managers, who can provide you with important information about the open projects, the technologies used, the team and other specifics.

This first interview usually takes place at our offices, and, if you’re from Bucharest, we’re very proud to let you know that we’re situated in OREGON Park, the ‘Overall Building of the Year’ of 2018, an award the building won at the prestigious Central and Eastern European Quality Awards (CEEQA). More about it here.


After the interview with the Business Manager, you’ll meet with a technical supervisor, to see if you feel like this is a good match for you and vice versa. You get the chance to know the specifics about the project from the people who are in charge or involved in, and to see if you’re fit for the team.

Also, another thing that’s different here and we’re very proud of is the fact that every employee has a Career Counselor. It’s that person who introduces you to the company, makes sure you got all the equipment needed, gives you constant feedback, meets with you periodically to see how things are going, that can help you if you want to change the project or technology, basically is the person you’ll reach in case you need something and makes sure the team spirit is not lost.

Our recruitment team is a key figure for the whole recruitment process: after a pre-screening of your hard skills, experience and job interests, if you are suited for one of our openings, a colleague of us will get in touch with you. You will be informed about the interviews and provided with constant feedback, no matter which response you’ll get.


So, now that you know how our recruitment process goes, experience it firsthand by applying at our jobs or just send us a CV and we’ll start from that!


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