Why ALTEN Romania

ALTEN Romania, a branch of the ALTEN Group, was founded in 2006 in Bucharest and it has been providing its clients with technical consultancy ever since.
ALTEN Romania has a team of over 500 specialists working in its offices in Bucharest, Timișoara, Cluj and Iași. This team has been serving both local and international clients from the fields of telecommunications, banking, automotive, aeronautics, insurances, the pharmaceutical industry and retail. The team of specialists working for ALTEN Romania is involved in software or web development projects, business analysis, business intelligence, project management, testing, technical support, automobile and aeronautical engineering, hardware design and engine calibration.
The IT&C Division has a team of consultants who are specifically specialised in Java, .NET, PHP, C#, C++, Siebel, Cognos, MS BI and Oracle BI, BSCS, while the Techno Division has a team of consultants specifically specialised in CATIA V5, NewPDM, SolidWorks, Matlab/ Simulink, HIL, Autosar.
Founded in 1988 in France, the ALTEN Group is currently present in 20 countries and, in 2016, it recorded a turnover of 1,748.30 million euro, while employing 24,000 collaborators, 21,300 of whom were highly qualified IT specialists and engineers.

Why ALTEN Romania

Why ALTEN Romania

We are committed to diversity in the workforce, a hands-on style of local management, and a company-wide career management process that actively promotes professional growth and development.
Strategically located in close proximity to many of the largest clients in France and Europe, we offer our employees exceptional opportunities for mobility across sectors, career paths and geographies. And our shared culture of innovation and creativity provides an ideal environment for our staff to achieve their own ambitions and career goals.
At ALTEN, we believe in growing together!
Personal and professional development are the foundation for building a successful career. But you have to set your own development as a priority, to allocate time on a regular basis to learn new skills, to develop knowledge, to grow as a person and first of all to figure out who you really are and what matches YOU.
Career development within ALTEN Romania is closely related to the core business of the company: IT and engineering consulting services. ALTEN has grown steadily in the past 20 years, remaining faithful to key values, its core business and the mission that has made it successful.
ALTEN Romania also means a lot of fun and reunions between friends. The annual ALTEN Romania team building takes place annually since 2007 and brings together the whole team for a few days of fun away from the city. Any other holiday occasion is a good time for meetings organized by ALTEN Romania.

Our recruitment process

Our recruitment process

Apply for a job / You are recruited / You are recommended by a friend -> You are called to interview -> One of ALTEN’s project managers takes you to interview -> You get a job offer
To get to work with us you must first apply for one of the available jobs or to be recruited directly by the ALTEN Romania recruiters. They can get in touch with you on recruiting platforms or find out about you through a recommendation. Your training and experience must be suitable for the available job. When you get to meet us, one of the project managers (Business Manager) will conduct the interview and hiring process. If you get hired, the Business Manager will be your guide and career counselor for the entire duration of the project or activity in ALTEN Romania. The role of a Business Manager is essential in your professional development, being responsible for the smooth running of your business and the achievement of professional goals throughout your career in ALTEN Romania.
When you join ALTEN Romania, you can expect a professional development that involves interaction with diverse business environments and organizational cultures. ALTEN Romania consultants can pursue their own professional goals through their choices about the industry and the technologies they work with. Project Leaders guide the consultants in this process and throughout their work. As part of the ALTEN group, ALTEN Romania consultants are exposed to an international work environment that can involve travel for trainings, direct customer collaboration or even transfer to an ALTEN team from another country. With each project, ALTEN Romania consultants interact with specialists from different fields, so a career at ALTEN Romania involves the continuous practice of interpersonal skills.

Career developement

At ALTEN Romania, the projects have a duration ranging from a few months to a few years. Once a project approaches completion stage, the Business Manager will be looking for other interesting projects that fit your technical profile. Several years spent in the ALTEN Romania team translate in a vast experience, gained from several projects, often in different industries.
By working with ALTEN Romania you can be sure that you will use your potential. At each stage of their professional career, our consultants have new challenges, develop new skills and continuous improve their performance. Within each professional discipline - within the framework of the consultancy, technical branch, project management, business development, etc. - there are levels of expertise from junior to senior, and the professional course follows most of the stages of competence and responsibility specific to each level .
Whatever the current level of our employees at entry to the organization, we support their development by providing the optimum conditions to be fulfilled professionally.

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